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NPCs of Doom
10 November 2006 @ 03:10 am
Character sketch – Jeremiah R. Macavity

Name: Jeremiah Raglan Macavity
Gender: Male
Age: Undetermined, early 30’s.

Physical description: Macavity stands six feet tall, with fair complexion and bluish-green eyes. His hair is prematurely silvery-white, and runs down half of his back.

Normal attire: As a teacher in private boarding schools, Macavity easily had to conform to wearing business suits of conservative cuts and colours. Despite the seeming limit, Macavity also avoids tweeds (he claims that the fabric catches his hair, which is already thinning out). If fanciness and variety are wanting, his wardrobe makes it up by its choice of lush fabrics and its stock of fineries. Macavity has a sizable collection of finely tailored suits and silk ties, on top of that, an expansive collection of cuff links and tie clips. These items help him to appear impeccably and immaculately dressed at all times.

Demeanor:A man with naturally-born detachment and coolness, Macavity nevertheless learned to be charming and suave in his manners. At first glance, he appears to be a perfect gentleman. If anyone suspects otherwise, it is perhaps by the little glints of steely coldness emanating from his bluish-green eyes and a little half-smile on his face from time to time. When the circumstances allow it, it might be possible to see that Macavity is a slightly narcissistic man. He knows that he looks well, and would spare no expense to keep himself looking that way. If there’s something that can betray his meticulously maintained façade, it was perhaps the façade itself.

Origin: Jeremiah Macavity was born in the Somerset County, England. He presently resides in the suburbs of London. A graduate of King’s college of Cambridge University, he was alum to the Isaac Newton Institute (having become a Tripos wrangler easily). He published dissertations and treatises in mathematical sciences and the actuarial sciences before his eventual graduation of his Ph.D. degree. After graduation, he became a teacher of mathematics in private boarding schools, earning both distinctions and accolades. As far as this story is concerned, he is invited to Tokyo to guest-teach for a year.